What are Luminara Candles? Would they make for a worthy replacement for traditional wax candles?



When one thinks of burning candles, scented or otherwise, there are a few things that come to mind: Relaxation, tranquility, romance, the holidays, and just about anything homey, cozy, and intimate. You light a candle at the dinner table, in the living room, the bedroom, and it instantly sets the mood for everyone.


This lady chooses not to use traditional candles for her relaxing bath. Amazing isn't it?


Make no mistake about it. Candles are a multi-billion dollar business not only in this country, but all over the world. They come in all shapes, colours, and sizes and are also made available in various scents.


True enough, there is not one house that you can call 'ready for anything' if they don't have candles stored somewhere, just waiting to be used for an emergency situation, or those rare times when power outages occur. It isn't just seen as festive or romantic, it is, simply put, a necessity, and has always been regarded as one for thousands of years now.



But there's a dark side to the conventional candle, and it can be very dangerous indeed. How many times have we seen it in the news before, or have found out it happened to someone we know? When a child (or a pet, or even a full grown adult) accidentally burned him/herself or knocked a candle over, or much worse, how a forgotten lit candle ended up in raging fires that led to grave casualties and thousands of dollars worth of destroyed property?


So is there really a better alternative to a burning candle? Yes, there is, and it's called Luminara.



Luminara fireless candles make for the perfect lighting option for your home. They're safe, they don't emit toxins of any kind, and are also able to release a soft scent that is not too strong, and not overbearing at all.



They come in a variety of colours and sizes, and are also made to last much longer than you would expect. You only need 2 double D batteries to get it burning for 500 hours. That is simply amazing!


These beautiful candles use patented, flame effect technology which is practically indistinguishable from a traditional burning candle. The product is superior in every way to LED flameless candles, which do not show the candle flame but instead have a random glowing light pattern, hidden inside a wax or plastic shell.



Luminara candles can be set in timer mode and they will turn on for 5 hours at the same time every day. Great as a security measure or to welcome you home each day.


Anyone own a hurricane lamp and find it difficult to light your candle? All our Luminara candles can be used with a remote, so you just point and press to turn it on and off. So easy!


Luminara is more than just an alternative to the traditional candle. It's an investment to your assets and more importantly, your family's health! Let's keep everything safe, just like how it should be. Start using a Luminara today and never look back.