''A sharp knife is a chef's best friend.'' - Ancient Proverb

What would a chef be without a good set of knives? How do you know you'll be investing in the right kitchen equipment? Simple. By choosing the ones desiged by chefs for chefs. And you know you'll be doing something right when you choose the brand that is highly recommended by Kylie Kwong. 

But who is Kylie Kwong?

To those of you who don't know who she is yet, Ms Kwong is a celebrated Australian chef, an author, a TV personality,  and the proprietor and restaurateur of the famous Billy Kwong restaurant in Sydney. She is also a well-known innovator, and has great passion for what she does, making conscious efforts to spread delicious happiness through the unique and exploding flavors of her many Chinese dishes, bringing people together in the process through her great love for cooking. 

Ms Kwong is very committed to using only the freshest, and sustainably sourced ingredients for every meal she prepares for her loved ones and restaurant patrons. She has high regard for practicality and good design, believing that like everything else, it goes hand in hand with excellent performance in and out of the kitchen. Ms Kwong has her knives to attest to that, that's why it doesn't come as any surprise why she was chosen to become the brand ambassador for Furi.

Because of Furi's sharp, perfectly-balanced, and ergonomic construction from tip to handle, Ms Kwong now only uses Furi knives in her kitchen. She certainly has a lot to bring to the table. She's a hard worker, a role model, and a strong advocate for ethical eating. There is no wondering why she was chosen to be the spokesperson for the world-renowned Australian brand. She's the perfect fit!