Why choose Jellycat for your kids? Fair question.

Say hello to your Jellycat gang!

We've seen SO MANY celebrity kids toting around Jellycat plush toys when they're out and about with their famous mums and dads. There's Mackenzie Foy and Seraphina Affleck just to name a few. And of course, Suri Cruise, who seem to have already been a fan since the day she was born. It's adorable!

Suri Cruise holds Jellycat Bashful Bunny
Photo courtesy of IGGIRB Splash News

So what does Jellycat have that other plush toys simply don't have, making even the young-at-heart people over at ToYourDoor very big fans in the process? Its commitment to using only the finest materials in making all of its toy animals not only some of the softest and the cuddliest in the world, but also the safest out there! We are smitten!

This Jellycat Bashful  Beige Bunny wants to be cuddled!
This Jellycat Fuddle Wuddle Lamb is waiting to be taken home!

As a testament to its quality, each cute, oh so soft, oh so adorable Jellycat creature go through the European Safety Standard for toys, ensuring that quality is never compromised. This is why disappointment is a rarity for Jellycat owners.So if you're looking for a toy to give your loved one, big or small, look around at our collection of delightful Jellycat plush toys -- you're guaranteed to find one you'll fall absolutely head over heels in love with!